USAFlagSupply Guaranteed

Here at USA Flag Supply, we firmly believe that every American flag should be made using the finest materials and handcrafted by citizens of the United States of America. We see our competition selling "American Flags" imported from places like China and Korea using second-rate materials to lower their cost. We feel that as an American flag retailer we have a responsibility to sell only flags made in the USA and operate our business in the United States (including customer service).

What does USAFlagSupply Guaranteed mean?

USAFlagSupply Guaranteed means we guarantee that any flag you buy from us is made right here in the United States. USAFlagSupply Guaranteed also means that when you contact us via email or telephone you will be contacting an American.

Being patriotic is more than flying the American Flag; it's supporting the values, ideals and people which live them.

-The USAFlagSupply Team